Endoscopic capsule


OMCH Egészségügyi Szolgáltató Kft has become the authorised representative of the US company CapsoVision Inc. in Hungary. CapsoVision has developed a new generation of capsule endoscopes representing a really innovative device in small intestine endoscopy.

One of the greatest advantage of the product distributed under the brand name CapsoCam SV-1 compared to other endoscopy capsules on the market is that the captured images are stored in the capsule itself. It makes unnecessary to use a receiver with complicated wires worn on the waist of the patient or placed into a vest. This time we can offer a real patient-friendly solution.

Further benefits:
-it can be used for obese patients with high BMI-index as well -also patients with pacemaker or other electronic implants can be examined,
-no radiofrequency sign is lost, no interference.

Major characteristics of the capsule:
-360o panoramic images taken with 4 cameras,
-ultramodern optical design,
-automatic lighting
-long-life accumulator (15 hours)
-16-20 photos per second, providing uninterrupted video images.

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